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Anyone know of a good pediatrician in Murfreesboro? I am going to need one after the baby comes and am just kinda searching around.  If anyone has recommendations of the ones at MMC then that would be great.

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  • I'm having my baby at MTMC too... probably right about the same time as you :) I've been asking around about pediatricians.  I've been reccomended to Dr. Brent Rosser.  I don't know alot about him, but I've heard he's pretty good. I'm also going to check with my OB.
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  • I have heard good things about Rosser as well. He was on my list of ones to check out.
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  • My pediatrician is at MMC, Dr. Bigham. My DH and I were recommended to him by a friend and he is awesome. My DS hardly ever cries when we visit him... unless he's getting shots, of course.
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  • My son sees Dr. Lowe at MMC. She is WONDERFUL.
  • My son sees Dr. Collins at MMC, and I love him.
  • I Recommend Dr. Wanda Cade.  She is in MMC (Murfreesboro Medical Clinic) 1004 North Highland Ave.  She was my first daughters pediatrician and she is now 19. She tells me all the time she wishes she could go back to her lol. She is also my 2 yr. olds pediatrician and I really wouldn't take any of my kids to another dr. She is great, friendly, and has 2 kids herself and can relate to most every situation.  She even understands the quirky questions and stages

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