Update- My Uncle has been found!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that My uncle has been found. I was just going to bed when the phone rang and an officer told me was standing there with him. He was in a small fender bender in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Someone rear ended  him. When the officer ran my uncle's tag # he seen he was a missing person. He called me right away.

He's safe and staying there until my husband, dad, and uncle can get to him. It's a 3 hour drive so he's going to be waiting awhile, but they are on there way. I told my uncle to stay where he is. He said, "Why, the truck is drivable." I said, "Uncle George, we have everyone in the nation looking for you. Do not move!" The officer was following him back to the station to keep him safe until we could get there.

Thank God he's safe! And ladies, thank you for all of your support!

Re: Update- My Uncle has been found!!!

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