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odd odor to breastmilk, sorry tmi

My breast milk has kind of an odd musty odor, kind of like onions...obviously next question is have I been eating onions-no.  What is breast milk supposed to smell like?  I don't have any signs or symptoms of a breast infection.

Re: odd odor to breastmilk, sorry tmi

  • um, mine has never smelled so I'm not sure. Taste it, it's supposed to be sweet, if it's not and you're not eating anything funky then maybe you should ask your ob?
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  • It's not supposed to smell like anything. If it smells soapy or if it makes you want to gag, then its no good. Those are the only two smells I have come by...

    Def taste it. It's supposed to taste sweet, not bad actually. I wouldn't have a glass but at least I know it's not spoiled. ;-)

  • My fresh pumped milk does not have an odor.  After it's been frozen and thawed it has a metallic smell.  I've not tasted my milk so I don't know what it's supposed to taste like though.

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