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Any other vegan/veg families out there?

I would love to swap food/snack ideas with you. I am always looking for new ideas.

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Re: Any other vegan/veg families out there?

  • Yeah i would love some ideas. Im vegan and my boyfriend is vegatarian. We have a 2 month old little girl and we need some ideas for what we can feed her. Thanks

    Oliver Scot<3

  • I'm a newer vegetarian with a husband who loves to eat meat.  So, I struggle to cook meals where I can just add the meat for him.  Any tips are appreciated!
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  • I'm a Vegan, and also have a partner who LOVES meat - he is Brazilian and their food culture is totally different than ours. I feel like he eats so unhealthy (mostly meat, dairy, white bread..and sugar!) UGH!!

    I'm struggling, but trying to come up with sneaky recipes that he will eat when he moves to the USA. I have been in Brazil with him since Oct and I can see how even being a vegan here is such a struggle. :( I can't wait to get back to the USA in 3 weeks!!

     I also worry about not getting enough protein/calcium for my baby...its been hard to find good tofu here and soy products. I drink rice milk, but its hard to find here and when I do, its not supplemented with anything.

  • Try this great blog for recipe ideas!!


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