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baby movements...

question ladies...i'm not due for another 2 months but just wondering if you remember when baby was moving before birth at certain times of the day if this was the same when they were born??

i find baby moves in the morning at 6 am and then again right now (around 9pm) sometimes has an active mid morning around 11am...i'm wondering if this will continue when baby is born.

do they keep the same sleep/active schedule when they're born?



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Re: baby movements...

  • I always heard this too.. but my LO is different than when she was an inside baby.  But the one thing that is the same is her hiccups.. she does get those around the same time.
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  • I have heard this too, so I was all ready for an evening baby. NOPE, 5:42 in the morning! I didn't get any sleep and pulled the all nighter. That is the hard part is that we can't plan it out!
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  • It wasn't true for me at all. I would feel movements late at night the most-but LO is a very calm, easygoing baby who sleeps well at night. He is more active in the morning.
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  • no, in the womb they are awake just to be active.  Outside they have to wake for hunger, they have gas, they have to travel, dr.s etc.  It's a totally different world out here.
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  • Movement often depends on how active you are.  If you are active, walking around, it rocks the baby to sleep.  Then when you sit or lay down, they wake up.  That's why you tend to feel the most kicks in the morning and evening.  I've heard a theory that newborns often have their days and nights mixed up because of this, but I'm not sure its true.  DD never had her days/nights mixed up.  However, she was more active during the day in my belly too.
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