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Anyone have Dr. Sears' Vaccine Book handy?

DD has an appointment on Wednesday and I can't find the notes I wrote down when I checked the book out from the library. I'm thinking, specifically, of one part in the Additives section.
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Re: Anyone have Dr. Sears' Vaccine Book handy?

  • I have it avalible; what specifically are you looking for?
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  • Near the back of the book there's a chapter about the additives (mercury, etc.), right? And, there's a section where he talks about "jumbo vaccines" and how they have a lot more. There's one vaccine that he writes about that starts with a P. Is it Prevnar or Pentracel (or Penracel)? That's the vaccine I'm interested in avoiding. I just need a reminder which one it is and what he suggests doing instead.

    Also, (pushing my luck), I was wondering what he said about Hep A, Hep B, and Mumps. If that's too much to look up, then don't worry about it.

    Thank you!!
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  • I don't have the book, but Pentacel=combo vaccine with DTaP, polio, and HiB.  Prevnar us the pneumonia one and it comes in 7 and 13 versions depending on how many strains you do.  Hep A and B timing depends on your child's risk.  B is a bloodborne pathogen.  A is often found in contaminated water/food.  Hope you figure it out for Wed.
  • I know Vaccines are a sensitive topic that can spark a lively debate so I want to preface this post by saying that I am providing the information you are looking for and not expressing my personal opinion in any way :) I am out of time at the moment but I will try and provide more information about the other vaccines that you listed when I have a chance.  


    The Prevnar Vaccine is the Pc Vaccine for Pneumococcal which is a common bacterial respiratory infection; it is also the most common cause of infant meningitis. This Vaccine is made with Pc sugar/diphtheria toxoid complex and 125 micrograms of Aluminum. Aluminum is the controversial ingredient in this vaccine. The book suggests that infants do not get this vaccine in the same month that they get other vaccines containing aluminum if possible. Overall Dr. Sears considers this a fairly important vaccine. Unless you are a housebound agoraphobic or a stay at home mom that never ever takes her baby out you will encounter this germ at some point. 


    The Pentracel vaccine is a combination vaccine that has been used in Canada for a number of years and is approved for use in the US. It combines the HIB, DTaP, and Polio into one injection. This vaccine contains the following ingredients:


    HIB Sugars bound to tetanus toxoid

    Protines and toxins from broken-up pertussis germs, and diphtheria and tetanus toxoids.

    Polio Virus (inactivated whole germs)

    Aluminum, phosphate- 1500 micrograms (which is only 330 micrograms of actual aluminum).


    Polysorbate 80

    Cow Serum (the liquid part of cows blood)

    Formaldehyde in trace amounts

    Traces of 2 antibiotics.


    Options to consider when getting this vaccine:


    Compare the aluminum content of various brands. If possible, use one with a lower amount of aluminum. If you wish to limit your babies aluminum exposure you can choose to get only one aluminum containing vaccine at a time.


     This brand also contains cow tissue extract; if exposure to animal tissue worries you, you may want to choose the brand that doesn?t use cow extract.


    Dr. Sears mentions that this vaccine involves several diseases; all of them are serious however only one is common in the United States. Pertussis is prevalent and because of this the DTap vaccine is very important; Infant fatalities do occur from Pertussis. The one drawback is the ingredient list, although, thankfully the actual amounts of these chemicals are like a drop in the bucket a very small drop in a big bucket.


    Once concern expressed in the book is that when Drs use the Pentacel Combo along with separate Pc, hep B, and rota vaccines at 2, 4, and 6 months the amount of aluminum  adds up to 705 micrograms each time; this amount is lower then if they use the Pediarix combo instead of the Pentacel Combo; however it still exceeds the FDA?s safety limit. Dr. Sears states that he is not a big fan of combo shots and that they don?t fit well into his Alternate Vaccine Schedule. He prefers to spread vaccines out and give less at each time to avoid overloading a baby with so many chemicals at once. He also prefers aluminum-free brands whenever possible.
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