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1st Trimester

HELP... Need inspiration

Hi, this is my first post which makes me brand new at this.  Sorry for writing so much.


Married= 8 years

Birth Control= Natural Contraceptives

Tries before I got pregnant= 0 ( I got pregnant my very first try! :)

PREGNANT 6-7 WEEKS (Im irregular)

 I took my first home pregnancy test on January 28. I got a positive result, but the line was "barely there," so I waited a few days and took a 2nd home pregnany test on February 2.  Again it was postive, but this time the line was very dark.  I was still on denial so I went to the Mexicali "3 dollar doctors" and took a qualitive HCG test which showed a postive also on February 2.  I was still in denial so I took a pregnancy test with a doctor in U.S. on February 04.  That was postive, so by then I was starting to belive I was pregnatn.  Don't ask why, but for some reason I could not belive I was pregnant.  I finally told my husband I was pregnant and I had to show him all 4 results so he would belive me.

Due to an economic sitution to this day I have not been able to start my prenatal care, but I have been taking the prenatal vitamins i.e. folic acid and iron.


 On February 11 I took a quantitive Hcg exam.  It came out to 4500

On February  20 I passed a huge clot and thought I had miscarried. 

On February 21 I went to a gynocologist had an u/s done and the baby looked fine.

February 21-26  Not exactly Spotting but everytime I would wipe after peeing I would see dark brown tiny Dark brown clots. I did not have cramps

February 26  I started "wiping" red. I panicked and went to the E.R. 

 My HCG was 11,399...

from 4500 to 11,300 in 14 days (sounds bad, I know)...

February 28-  Still "wiping" both dark brown and red.

 My 1st OB appointment is on March 02.

 Just wanted to see if anyone had anything simliar that ended in a postive way.  Please, I don't want to hear about miscarriage (there are enough of those). I just need some motivation.  I've been praying for 4 days straight and have prayers going on in church. I have faith in God. I would also like to hear some positive experiences.

Re: HELP... Need inspiration

  • I know that you don't want to hear about miscarriages, but you need to be prepared for that. Unless a mistake was made in the lab, there is no way that this can be a successful pregnancy. Your hcg is only a little more than twice what it was two weeks ago. That is not even close to being normal. That should have been your count maybe three days after the first number. I'm sorry, but I think it is better to be realistic. Ignoring the facts won't change the circumstances. I really am sorry. I hope there was a lab error, and your count is considerably higher. If not, take advantage of the loss boards. They can be a tremendous support.
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  • Hi thanks, for your post.  I am actually prepared for a miscarriage.  I was just hopeful that someone had a postive experience.  Even though I know it can be a miscarriage, for some reasons I cannot lose hope until I'm sure it's a miscarriage.  Everything looked good ont he ultrasound, but hcg was too low. 
  • Yes it is possible you can have low hcg and not have your numbers double and still have a good pregnancy! My doctors were only ever concerned about them rising.  My numbers went from about 11,000 to 23,000 to 36,000 and stopped at 76000 but those numbers were not over 48 hours in between.They went up very slowly in a span of 3 weeks and leveled off...and I'm about to hit my second trimester and just had my NT scan and the baby is great! Good luck!
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