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amazon registry/BRU return question.

I had a registry with amazon.com, and the lady that I used to work for purchased the moby wrap I registered for. When she got to my shower and I opened the gift it was a cuddle me vibrating swing seat.. in a boy color. It's nice and all, but I don't want it. I have 2 other bouncy seats (one will be returned) and a swing already, so I don't need the blue and tan cuddle me seat.

I looked on the BRU website, and they carry the cuddle me.  I have a few other things I need to return to BRU as well, but I'm wondering if they will even take it because it came from amazon. The lady I used to work for has MS, and is in a wheelchair and can do very little for herself. She has a hard time understanding simple things, and I've been through amazon returns with her before, so I don't really want to go through her to make the swap. I'm guessing the reason she didn't send it back herself is because she figured it would be a lot of trouble, and I would need a swing anyway.

Should I contact amazon customer service and try to remedy it through them for her, or should I take my chances trying to get a store credit at BRU with no receipt?.. OR should I put it up on craigslist for a little less than what's worth new and keep my fingers crossed that someone wants it?

Re: amazon registry/BRU return question.

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    I received a bunch of duplicates and some triples of items at my shower and when I called BRU they said no problem getting store credit with no gift receipt, as long as they carry the item.
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    I just had my shower this weekend and had things that I needed to exchange. I just added them to my registry at BRU and didn't have a problem returning them. I would not try without a receipt - they either won't return it, or won't give you a good price. Just add it to your BRU registry online, sign in & go and mark it as "purchased," and then go into the store and say you got it at your shower. You shouldn't have a problem! Good luck.
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    I tried returning a Diaper Genie that someone got me from somewhere by adding it to my BRU registry and all, the Customer Service rep scanned it and said that it didn't come from their store so they couldn't take it. I guess it depends where you go and whom you deal with.
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