3rd Trimester

What do BH contractions feel like?

I apologize if I'm asking an FAQ here, but I just don't have the motivation to scroll through hundreds of posts. I've heard Braxton-Hix don't really hurt, but are just uncomfortable, only last a few seconds, and can start any time in the third trimester. Have you had them? When did they start, and what were they like? I've had a couple sensations now that I thought could have been BH contractions, or it could just be LO pushing on an organ or something. How can I tell?
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Re: What do BH contractions feel like?

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    I can't remember when they started for me, but they just basically feel like a tightening or heaviness that lasts just a minute. No pain.
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    Mine actually started early in the second trimester.  And yes, I'm sure that they were BH contractions, because my MW confirmed it, as did L&D when I was admitted for having way too many of them!  They don't typically hurt.  You'll feel a tightening sensation that may make it uncomfortable for you to move.  In my case, I can see my uterus standing out when I have a contraction; it's so weird!  Mine usually last about a minute, and are often brought on by activity (walking briskly, sex, etc.).
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    Do you ever feel your abdomen get hard/tighten when you pee? That's a common time to experience BH contractions. I've been getting them occasionally since the 2nd tri.

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    I just get a tightening over my entire stomach.  It's not painful (yet) but it is slightly uncomfortable.  I do notice that when I am stressed I get them a lot more often.  Usually it helps to lay down and drink lots of water.  You may be having them without even knowing it.
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    It definitely feels like a muscle tightening, and sometimes takes my breath away for a couple seconds, although it doesn't hurt. The thing that has me questioning is that I only feel it in my lower abdomen, not in my entire stomach like I've heard it described. I am carrying very, very low, though. (Sometimes LO kicks me in the hip!)
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