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Measured small for certain body parts on anatomy scan? C'mon in

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I had my anatomy scan today, and most of the body measurements came out good: 30%-40%. However, the head measured in the 14th percentile, and the femur in the 10th percentile.

I had the NT scan/quad/AFP/pretty much every test avail this PG. All came out in normal ranges. The highest odds was DS, and even that was 1:1,174.

I have a follow up appointment at the MFM in 4 weeks to see if little girl has grown. The dr is hoping that her femur and head catches up to the rest of her body. We'll see.

Has anyone had experience with your LO measuring small in certain areas (normal elsewhere)? All stories are encouraged (good, bad, ugly). I'm more looking for solid information rather than hope and rainbows.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: DH is 6'2'' and I am 5'6''.

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BFP #2 via IUI ~ m/c
BFP #3 via cancelled IUI ~ C (2lb 3oz; HELLP) 5/16/11
BFP #4 via the natural (free!) way ~ E (8lb 11oz) 9/13/12

Re: Measured small for certain body parts on anatomy scan? C'mon in

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    I've had about 10 ultrasounds during the course of my pregnancy and one of them was done by a specialist. At their office they were slightly concerned because the femur was measuring slightly smaller than the rest of him. His femur has measured slightly smaller the whole time, so I'm not really worried but they did mention if it continued to lag further and further behind there could be some possibility of dwarfism. DH and I are both short, so at my follow up ultrasounds the tech and my normal doctor weren't concerned at all. I did not have any of the genetic testing done though. 
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    My ticker is wrong, I had LO 3 weeks ago as of tomorrow but she had some inconsistent femur measurements. At my 20 week anatomy scan, she measured on track but at a 26 week scan, her femur had dropped to less than 10%. I didn't do any genetic testing however I knew a short femur could be a soft marker for genetic disorders so I secretly panicked however the ob wasn't worried at all. At a 30 week scan, the femur was still low, only about 15 %. I was upset and my ob said again not to worry because the biggest variation of measurements are from the femur and the head and to not read too much into it. Plus DH and I are not a tall couple, I am 5' 5", DH about 5'10". Anyways Maggie arrived Feb 8th and she is perfect, just short! try not to worry, looks like your test results were all really good. You may just have a short baby.
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    One side of my daughters brain measured uneven to the other.  It worked itself out, try not to worry. Although I know when I was going through it, not worrying was not an option! GL!
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