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Is gas prices killing anyone else?

Eek they have gone up so much these last few weeks.  We had to fill up both cars on Sunday and it almost cost $100.  Ok sorry vent is over.
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Re: Is gas prices killing anyone else?

  • Yeah, I noticed it today when I filled up.  It makes me really glad I am no longer commuting in and out of DT five days a week or it would be costing us a small fortune.
  • We have limited ourselves to $20 a week in gas. Thankfully I work only three days a week, and the drive is only 30 miles round-trip a day. Usually, we are super close to having enough a week.

    Sucks to not go anywhere else, but its too expensive.  

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  • We drive very little as it is but it is still killing us. If we have somewhere to go we figure out if there are other errands we can do in that area. We are also starting to get some home products delivered because the shipping is more cost effective.
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  • If it makes you feel better the gas companies are only making like $60 billion off consumers per quarter...or something crazy like that
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  • I noticed how crazy expensive it was when I was getting gas Sunday in Seattle. Luckily my husband gets his gas paid for by work so we only have to fill up one car if it gets to bad I guess I could always start siphoning gas out of his truck!
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  • It is getting crazy. Luckily I only fill my car up about once every 2 weeks, maybe a little more if I have to go to extra Dr.s appointments.
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  • It's times like this I'm glad I commute by bus and own a Civic. 

    We're about to redo our budget to allow for more gas money for the summertime.  We're also going to start making sure we fill up when the tank is half-empy, not almost empty. 

    We can't wait to move back to Seattle where the bus service is greatly improved.  You suck, Snohomish Co. Community Transit. 



    Unable to even.  


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