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getting bloodwork done on CD3...

and doc said depending on the results he may prescribe me Clomid...i had told him theni guess that cycle would be a bust and he said no that he could call it in for that would my bloodwork be back to him and leave time for him to call it in all by day leaving 2 days? Anyone do CD 3 bloodwork and start Clomid that same cycle? Thanks!
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Re: getting bloodwork done on CD3...

  • My labs are done right in the RE's office and are done within hours. Regardless, the test should be done in plenty of time, I work in a lab ;)
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  • Yep.  This is exactly what happened with me.

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    ~BFN - 02/11~
    ~IUI #1 03/15/11~
    BFP 3/28/2011
    Diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. Controlled through diet and exercise. No insulin.
    Diagnosed with Cholestasis of pregnancy @ 36 weeks.
    Delivered via C-section @ 36 weeks on 11/9/11.

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  • oh ya that is enough time good luck.

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