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Evening, ladies. I've been meaning to post details on the birth, for those of you who are interested. Shortly after discharge, my son experienced some jaundice issues and my DH ended up in the hospital with chest pains (following his heart attack in January). Needless to say, it's been a bit hectic here.

I won't bore you with all of the sordid details, but here are the highlights:

I began having contractions around 2:30 am on Friday, 2/18. At 6 am, we dropped off my youngest at school and headed to Labor and Delivery. At this point, the contractions were pretty strong and between 2 and 3 minutes apart.

When I was checked, I was still only 3 cm dilated (as I had been the day before, in the office). I started walking, which got me to a 4 in about 45 minutes.

I lost my mucus plug in the bathroom about half an hr later, and began feeling some increased pressure. I had gone from 4 to 7 in about 45 minutes. The contractions became increasingly worse. 

I was then wheeled into a delivery room, where my water broke. Not a tidal wave, but enough to know what had happened. Tried for an epidural, and the only thing that numbed was my butt cheeks. LOL I was coping with the pain, so I sent my DH to the cafeteria to grab a snack. Literally moments later, I knew this was a mistake.

I paged the nurse and told her I needed to push. She replied with, "okay...I guess we'll send someone." Someone never came. My DH (post heart attack) ran up four flights of stairs, to find me crowning. He grabbed the first person who walked by, who came into my room ....clearly not qualified for a delivery. LOL A nurse finally arrived and held my son's head in place in order to wait for my OB's arrival. About 10 minutes later, he makes it to the room and I can no longer hold my child in. 2 pushes and he was here. His cord was wrapped around his neck and I required stitches. Otherwise, it went well. My poor DH almost had to deliver our son, and my OB admittedly almost plowed over a little old lady with a walker. 

Christopher Lee Jr weighed 8 lbs 7.5 oz and was 20.5 inches at birth. He has tons of hair and looks just like his proud Daddy. He is nursing like a champ and is already showing off his personality traits. :)

I haven't figured out how to post a pic in my post, but will add pics of my little guy to my profile.

Thank you all again for the support and also the entertainment!


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