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They got the bastard!

the guy that stole my purse! sounds like they have been after him and his sidekick girlfriend for a while and when I reported my case they were able to move quick on the videos of his truck (which was the main identifier) and they got cameras of him and her using my cards at walmart. In the long run I feel vinidcated. I know that I wont get any compensation for anything but knwing that they are going to do time for the headache they gave me makes me very happy.

He is being held in king county since they run this scam from Seattle to Mt Vernon. so there are multiple police agencies on it and lots and lots of victims. glad to know that for the time being at least he will be in jail for a long while awaiting trial and then however long after that!

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Re: They got the bastard!

  • That is GREAT news!
  • YES! I've been keeping my fingers crossed and praying that they'd find him! I really hope he goes away for a REALLY LONG TIME. So glad that that you at least have the closure that comes with him being caught. :-)
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  • Yay! That is a little piece of good news. I am sorry you had to deal with this, but a least you have some justice now. Did you ever hear about your coat?
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  • That is so amazing! I can only imagine how good that must feel for you.
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  • That is awesome news!  Glad you have something to smile about finally. Big Smile

  • Excellent news!
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    (and the offer of a coat still stands!)


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  • Yahoo!
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  • That is awesome and I'm sure it feels at least a little bit great! 

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  • Yeah! I love your siggy pic too! :)
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  • Yay glad the got the guy! Crazy & sad the kinds of things people do. Oh and I just love your siggy...makes me smile every time I see it!
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  • Karma is your friend! I'm so glad they got them!

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  • That's awesome!  It sounds like they're bundling cases on them, which means he might actually serve a longer sentence!  That's great news. 

    You mind emailing me who it was if you know the name?  I'm curious and have a hunch, the way you describe it...   kaskade 101 at yahoo.

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