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DH has to be the most un-handy person EVAH!

hi everyone! my local board sucks and I can't go back to the national board so you are stuck w/ me. 

Today was our first day at work and Nic's first day at daycare.  Everything was going ok until DH calls me and says that he thinks he has a flat.  He stops doesn't see any tires flat but one is low.  He over pumps it "slightly" and calls me.  He says he pumped it until 6 (I'm assuming 60).  He then says his car is acting kinda funny and when I freak and tell him it only should be between 30-40 he drives back to the gas station to take away air. DOH!

The second unhandy thing was that he installed the washer incorrectly and flooded half the house.  When we called the handy man he looked at us like we were retarded and just hooked up the hose to the correct place. DOH!

He needs a Manly 101 class. LOL. 

Re: DH has to be the most un-handy person EVAH!

  • We're happy to be "stuck" with you. So glad you're still posting here!

    Your stories made me laugh this AM!

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  • I so know what you mean about having an unhandy handy husband! We always joke that his contribution to our marriage was the pots and pans and mine is the tool box! It's a mutual agreement that I stay out of his kitchen and he stays out of my toolbox. Thank goodness my Dad was very handy and made sure I knew how to fix things! For the most part he knows his limits and won't attempt much more than changing a light bulb. Now his dad on the other hand wil attempt to fix just about anything then end up calling me to come fix it.

    Glad you are settling into your new home!


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  • Glad you're still joining us!

    Sounds like your DH is keeping it interesting at least :)

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  • That made me LOL! 

    Glad you'll still be around :) 

  • too funny!

    I'm glad you are sticking around here!!

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  • That's funny!  My DH is "selectively" handy.  Great at doing his projects but never about the stuff I want him to fix!

    Hope the next few days you all settle into a routine!

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