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Anyone's LO have croup?

Poor G sounds like a seal.  It seems to be hurting him to cough and he has to catch his breath after.  Daycare said it sounds like croup too.

We're taking him to the drs tomorrow, but just wondering what your experiences are.  Poor kid just got off an inhaler for his congestion :(

Re: Anyone's LO have croup?

  • Riley had it in November about a month before he turned 2. It sucked but the bark (lol at the pun) is a lot worse than the bite. Your concerns should be about airflow, and keeping him breathing. If his lips get pale, blue, grey those are all signs he isn't breaking well. Also if he sucks in under his rib cage while breathing you need to call the Dr or head into see them. If it were me, I would take him to the afterhours clinic tonight and not wait till morning. Croup gets worse at night. The croup cough is caused by inflamation of the vocal cords causing the airway to shrink. This is why it is so dangorous in infants and toddlers. Our Dr gave Riley an oral steroid to help reduce swelling but he threw it up (the stuf tastes like bile). If your Dr offers the steroid I would get it in shot form, it doesn't do much good if they just throw it up. Hope this was helpful for you.

  • ditto evrything kitty said...hope he is better soon!
  • My LG had it near Christmas.  She had a bad cold that was just about finished with it and developed croup overnight one night.  We took her to the dr. the next morning and they gave her a steroid shot. 

    They told us that we could sit in a steamy bathroom for 15-20 to help coughing fits OR take her outside in the cold for a little bit to break everything up.

    She was considerably better the next day and completely better within 3 days...just in time for Christmas.

    Definately no fun! I hope your LO gets over it quickly.  Hugs!

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