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Anyone watching Dr. Phil today?

It is horrible.  I'm home sick and watching this makes me more sick.  Ugh.  The first story was a 15 year old girl who "miscarried" her 20 week old baby, took pictures of it with her phone and buried it.  That's horrible, but they SHOWED the pictures of part of the baby. 

Then there's this girl and her boyfriend and he's a sex addict.  And they have a 2 year old that he admits to being "aroused" by. 

What is wrong with people?  It makes me sick. 

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Re: Anyone watching Dr. Phil today?

  • I just turned on the TV a few minutes ago and caught the sex addict -- it makes me sick to my stomach.  How can that mother leave her daughter in that situation??????
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  • Ew , so so sad
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  • I did catch that episode since DD was napping. My two cents are that the first situation with the mother and teen daughter. I also felt sick by watching that and was completely surprised they showed the picture of her hand holding the baby's hand. Just heartbreaking. I really, really hope they both take the help that was offered to them.

    And as far as the second part with the guy who is a sex addict, the mother of that sweet little girl needs to seperate him from her ASAP. I think both of them as well need help. If that were me and DH had a problem like that, you better believe I would not allow him around her knowing he has the potential to harm her because he has no self control.

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