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New house = new neighbors...Vent!

Would it be so hard to have some piece and quiet from our neighbors across the street. And i'm not talking loud music or parties. I'm talking about the wife/mom who sits in her pajamas all day/every day in her open garage on the phone. And she's not just talking on the phone, she's yelling into it! I don't know how this woman has a voice when she gets off the phone. I can hear her in my house with everything shut and the tv on! Im a stay at home wife so hours and hours of her yelling is really getting to me!!!! Even the direct tv guy who came to install our boxes the other day made a comment about her. lol She has at least one school aged kid and a husband so doesn't she have something better to do then talk on the phone in her pjs for hours on end everyday? If that's all I had to do everyday I would be finding a job asap even if it was at subway! Ok vent over!

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Re: New house = new neighbors...Vent!

  • We have a neighbor who stands in his garage smoking and watching every single move anyone makes.  It is so annoying.  He then comes over and gives commentary on what you are doing.  He likes to give full reports (i.e. gossip) to the neighbors about what he has seen.  I can't imagine having that much time on my hands.

    DH and I will get the last laugh this weekend though.  We are moving but he doesn't know it yet (our house won't go on the market until we have moved out).  We can't wait to see the look on his face when the moving truck pulls in!


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  • We have a neighbor like this too.  Thankfully she is a few houses down, so I can't hear her like you do.  She sits on the porch and smokes and talks on her cell phone non-stop.  Holy cell phone bill!!  DS and I will walk by on the way to the park, and then back by 1-2 hours later.  She will tell whoever she is talking to to hold on, and then ask me why I am walking by again, and didn't I just walk by, and don't I have anything better to do than walk past her house all day?  This happens 3-4times a week.  Same conversation, different day.  I am seriously considering a way out of the way path to the park just to avoid her.
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  • I have a neighbor like this too, she got to the point of now she has a 5000.00 dollar security system (that she brags to everyone about) mounted on the front/side/back etc.. of her house so she can watch everything, she is one of those people that calls the cops about everything, I cannot wait to move!
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  • Look at it this way it could be a good thing.  If someone tries to break in to your house in the middle of the day like they did mine at least someone will see something.

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  • We have garage neighbors too! They literally have an entire family room w/couch and tv set up in their garage and seem to have 3 generations of living there so I think they are using the real living room as a bedroom. They leave the garage door all the way open, unless it is really cold out, which is rare here. We are on  corner and they are on the side street so it could be worse, but we can hear them from our bedroom which is annoying when they are up late and they have occasional crazy parties.
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