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NBR: so frustrated... Disney trip

My husband finally secured a week off from work (first week of april)... and we want to take our Daughter to disney - we wanted to stay in disney- (really want Baylake tower) - EVERYTHING IS BOOKED UP! im so dissapointed... really wanted to take her before i got too unconfortable and before baby # 2....  sad :(

Re: NBR: so frustrated... Disney trip

  • can you stay off property? We just got back from disney and stayed off property and had a great time!!
  • Every single hotel? Can't you stay somewhere else??

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  • Stay off property. You can have just as fun of a time and not have to spend as much money, either. Who said you can't go?! Why are you stopping just because they're booked? That's a silly reason to me. Go stay somewhere else and have fun! Your daughter won't care if you stayed in Disney or at a place across the street from the entrance! She'll have a great time either way! Trust me and go have some fun with your daughter!
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  • I love Disney too and I totally get wanting to stay on site.  I would check again, I am seeing some availability for the first week of April.  I would also try calling.  You may be able to find one hotel for part of the trip and another for the rest.  Another great option that seems to have availability is the Swan or the Dolphin.  They are the only two non-Disney hotels located on Disney property.  They are great hotels and you still get a lot of the same perks (Extended Magic Hours, etc). 
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