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BFP, Round 2

Hi all! I used to lurk on these boards during my first pregnancy. Figured I'd jump in right away this time around. Just got the news today and I'm kinda blown away. Even though I shouldn't be since my husband and I don't use protection but I just can't believe it's happening again Surprise

So apparently I'll be due November 5. I can definitely say I'm alot calmer this time around (I have an almost-13 month old son), not nervous at all....but also not very excited. Maybe it needs to settle in, I did just find out a few hours ago. Mostly I'm just worried about how my son will handle everything. I want to make sure he gets enough love and attention once the new baby is here. I may be flamed or this next statement  but I also hope I can love this new baby like I love my son. The love for your child is extraordinary and very, VERY intense and I'm hoping I can replicate it. I know I will be able to but at this moment it's hard to fathom.

Enough rambling Wink Looking forward to getting to know everyone over the upcoming months.


Re: BFP, Round 2

  • Congrats!  I have the same due date as you.  :)
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  • Congrats on your bFP!!  I just got a surprise BFP a couple of weeks ago and also have a 13 month old.  My biggest fear is hurting DD's feelings with having a new baby.  I'm sure you'll love the new baby just as much.  Just give it a few weeks to settle in.
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  • image Mrs.NGM:
    Congrats!  I have the same due date as you.  :)

     Awesome! Congrats Party!!!

  • It seems like it's a pretty common fear, so that makes me feel better. I'll start looking for books to read to him on the subject. Thanks for the positivity!
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