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Random question: What do you wear to travel?

I am working on sorting and starting to pack for our trip next week (in a we'll-see-how-well-this-goes attempt to get ahead) and while I hate looking like a slob on the plane, I am super tempted to wear yoga pants since I'll be sitting/chasing Collin for five hours (not including the first flight to SF) and jeans in a tiny seat for that long may not be the most comfortable. I am curious if others go casual or look swanky when they fly.
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Re: Random question: What do you wear to travel?

  • The last time I flew I wore capri yoga pants and a ctue but comfy sweatshirt with a tshirt under. I wear layers when traveling. I wear pretty much the same stuff when we travel by car as well. I figure I want to be comfy.
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  • I always wear jeans, a t-shirt/long-sleeved shirt, a sweater, and sneakers.  That's what is most comfortable to me.
  • Always casual for plane or car rides!  I tend to wear yoga pants, t-shirt, and flip-flops or gym shoes.  I'm always hot and cramped when I fly, so I prefer not to wear jeans or anything too heavy.  Light layers work for me, so I can add or remove, depending on comfort and temperature.
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  • Definitely just something comfortabe and also in dark colors!  It would be horrible if C spilt something like a juice on you wearing a white top & you had to wear it for all to see!!! Also I try to wear nothing lowcut or with a "V" as Coop was forever pulling at me & stretching it for all to see whilst he was a lap infant :)

    Have fun - so jealous of you going to Hawaii!!

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  • Casual here too. Mostly jeans, a comfy top and a zip up hoodie because I'm always cold. On a side note; I did have a pilot tell me once to always wear sensible/comfortable shoes in case something happens and you wind up "landing" somewhere where you have to walk a ways on rough terrain. I thought it was interesting because that had never occurred to me. I used to wear flip flops or sometimes heels but now I often wear tennis shoes.  
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  • hoodie and yoga pants or jeans
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  • yoga pants, tennis shoes and a cute zip up jacket or hoodie. I like to be comfy. :)
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  • I fly 98 percent of the time for business, so if I have a designated travel day with no appointments, I wear something business casual. Jeans with a nice sweater and boots or khakis w/cashmere sweater.If I have to go right to a meeting or the like, slacks!My preferred is jeans though. They are comfy for me. :)Since you will have to deal w/ a toddler, I see nothing wrong with the yoga pants!
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  • When I fly non rev I have to wear jeans or something nice.  If I fly first class I need to wear dress pants or things of that nature.

    If I pay, I usually wear a juicy outfit.

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  • I wear either leggins and boots and a long top with a cardigan and a scarf, or a long cotton maxi dress with a cardigan and scarf and chucks or flip flops.

    I like to have layers, not care if I get something on my outfit or if I have to throw my cardi/scarf in by bag and let it won' get all wrinkled.  I wear boots if I plan to take them to my destination because they take up the most room in my suitcase and that way I don't have to try to fit them in to my suitcase. 

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    My only rule for myself is footwear.   I alway wear my gym shoes.  Frees up suitcase case and then I have appropriate footwear if I have to book it down the aisle on a burning plane.  I seriously think like that.


    And then since I brought the gym shoes, I feel obligated to exercise while away.

  • I wear yoga pants. I hate traveling when I'm uncomfortable, so if I can, I wear leggings or yoga pants. I also always try to wear a sports bra instead of an under-wire just in case it triggers the stupid scanners.
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  • Order the 4th one from the left from (CAbi) and you won't regret it. Super comfy and it's fashionable (the beautiful sheer scarf built in). I have til tomorrow to place my order and I would have it by about monday.
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  • image mwhite5283:
    Order the 4th one from the left from (CAbi) and you won't regret it. Super comfy and it's fashionable (the beautiful sheer scarf built in). I have til tomorrow to place my order and I would have it by about monday.

    Saw it in person, and it is beautiful! 

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