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off set introduction and hello..(longish)

Hi ladies..I posted last week "dr. thinks i may have PCOS" and I didnt even give a proper intro (just my history and dr appt etc)..I hesitated on giving an intro/hello b/c well..I haven't been officially dx with PCOS, tests dont comeback til wed/thursday of this week but one things for sure, my cysts and medical history point toward PCOS, just waiting for the b/w to come back..

 I am 24, DH is 32..married 3 years this month (23rd), this is our first time TTC and first child for both..I work full time at a financial firm and am applying/waiting to get into a nursing program (accepted at one school, will take 2-3 yrs for my name to come up to start) so here we are, ttc since Nov and I ovulated (we think nov-jan, charted only dec & jan with +opk's nove-jan  on CD15&16.) the ovulation in the past months is a good sign but my dr. didnt like the cysts and medical history so she ordered b/w asap..this is all so very new to me...i have only had b/w done with my ob/gyn..havent spoken about an RE as I JUST found out I infact have cysts again (had them at age 17) and only found out b/c I had my annual last week..and these cysts hurt and I am almost always nauseated, have no appetite, lower back throbs and sex hurts..ugh..

Other ladies here said to make sure to have CD3 u/s and an HSG done before any meds (if I have do start any) can anyone tell me why? Any other advice..thanks so much and my thoughts and prayers are with you all :)

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