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1st Trimester

I'm horrible at keeping secrets.....

How am I going to keep this pregnancy a secret!? I want to tell the whole world!!! I have such a hard time not opening my mouth and letting the words just fly out of it that I'M PREGNANT!!! I'm not sure how I'm going to get through these first weeks without completely spilling the beans. How long are you girls waiting to tell your co-workers that you are pregnant? Or better yet...your boss? I would like to hold out until 16 weeks, but I'm not sure I can hide it long enough for that.
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Re: I'm horrible at keeping secrets.....

  • We told our parents and siblings right away. I told my boss and one close friend within a week. I'm waiting one more week to tell everyone else at work. It's been hard because everyone knows we've been trying. I'm just being quite at work, no baby talk and keep hoping noone ask, GL
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  • I've already told the girls I work with. They kind of asked though and I couldn't lie. Also I didn't want them thinking that I wasn't pulling my weight by needing their extra help with things or needing to go to the bathroom way more! I teach Gymnastics and it's just at the local YMCA so we have to move our equipment in and out of a closet everyday before and after class. I'm telling my boss in a couple of weeks. That's only because I'm giving my notice that our next 6 week session is going to be my last. I'm really finding it hard not to tell friends though. We think we might tell more of our friends after our first OB appointment next week. 
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  • I've told all the parental bodies, my brother & SIL, and posted on my local board (I know a few people in person on the IN board).  I'm going to talk to my boss as I'll have to miss a bit of work for appointments, but no one else at work right now.
  • same here!  a position is supposed to be created for me in another department (equivalent to a promotion) in april.  but i'm scared that if i come out with the pregnancy now, suddenly, it "won't be in the budget" to create that position or something.  plus, we could really use the money now with a baby on the way!
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  • I'm the same way. I told my parents and siblings right away and a few close friends, but I'm holding out until I'm through the first trimester to make a big Facebook announcement or something.

    I am self-employed so I don't need to worry about letting work know, but I also volunteer as the administrator for my church - a job that involves a lot of work and weekly meetings. I had hyperemesis with my last pregnancy, so if that happens again I'll need to let my fellow "co-workers" know to explain my sudden absence.

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  • I would like to go as long as possible without telling my boss and co-workers!  I like to keep my work and personal life separate as much as possible.  If my old co-workers were still here (ones that I'm friends with) I'm sure I would want to tell them right away though.
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  • Yeah I am 9 weeks pregnant and I told my co-workers today. They were really happy because they were gossiping behind my back saying that I had "let myself go" because I looked bigger in the tummy area. I am glad that I finally said something but I am still scared about a Miscarriage (I had one prior to this). So I am still a little edgy,but  I am hoping that since I told people, that I will have a good support network if something should happen. :)
  • I told one of my co-workers, and one had been convinced I was knocked up since around the time of implantation.  I swore them both to secrecy, and I'm hoping to keep it that way until I'm out of first tri. 
  • I am 6 weeks 2 days and I could not contain it.  Of course we told our family right away and my 4 closest co-workers.  But then I told someone else, and so on.  I think about 10 people now now I am pregnant.  I am going to an ultrasound on Thursday.  In one breath I wish I would have not told anyone just in case something is wrong but on the otherhand these are my friends and co-workers and I know they will be there for me if something goes wrong.
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  • I can totally relate! I want to scream it to everyone! we havent told single person. The original plan was to wait to tell everyone until 2nd tri, but I just cant do it! I have my first appt next monday, so we are waiting to make sure everythign looks ok.  We are planning on telling parents and siblings in a couple weeks, then holding out for extended family and coworkers/bosses til week 12. its going to be soooo hard!

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  • It's a REALLY hard secret to keep, but there's also something a little exciting about having a secret that only you and DH know.
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