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Back Pain Anyone??

I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. Up until today my back has been fine. However now my lower back is killing me. Nomatter how I sit or stand I cant find relief. There is also some wierd pressure on my lower back as well and it sorta goes down into my bum area as well. Anyone else??

Re: Back Pain Anyone??

  • Yes, for weeks now.  I think it's par for the course.  Stretching, getting up frequently to walk and ice or hot packs have helped me.  My chiropractor and massage therapists have been god sends.

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  • me. back hurting since 21 weeks, and now it's unbearable for most of the day. Have heating pad, will travel. Also prenatal massages, when you can get them!  Arnica also helps. 
  • Yep my back hurts. It's not too bad but it's pretty uncomfortable when I try to get comfortable in bed.
  • I've never been without back pain! It's much worse these days though. Stretching and moving around does help and any massges you can get will also help. Also, try to sleeping with a body pillow or at least a regular pillow between your legs. It will help keep your hips level so you're not as sore in the morning.
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