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1st Trimester

Am I the only one??

whose boobs are NOT getting bigger? I was really looking forward to that part =-(

Re: Am I the only one??

  • You can take mine.  No really, I will cut them off for you.  The pain is not worth the big boobs!
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  • I'll share too. I am usually an A and with my 2nd daughter at the end I was a DD now I am already almost in a C. I am not looking forward to these heavy things on my tiny frame. BTW they aren't that pretty after pregnancy and bf.
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  • I remember mine didn't "balloon" until later on in the pg. Your time may still come :)

    Not sure if you plan to BF or not, but you will have zero complaints about small boobs if you do! It's crazy how BIG they can get. I didn't realize until after I weaned and was like "where'd they go?!?!"


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  • I got firmer - not bigger.

    This is good because normally I am gigantic.

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  • I'm in the same boat! Everyday my DH asks if they have grown.  I think he's more looking forward to it! :p
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  • Is this your first or second?


    My boobs didn't get bigger with DD until part way through first tri, but this time around they're showing no signs of heading that direction.

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  • It happens at different times for everyone. Just wait until you have your baby. Your boobs will be HUGE!
  • Haha mine havent changed at all yet, but after 14 months of BFing, I am happy to have my little boobs back, even if it is only for a few short months.
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  • oooooooooooo i would gladly chop mine off too, soo much pain even the covers in bed hurt me :(  i think im a DD already and im only 9 weeks.
  • hahaha! cute post. they will. don't worry!!! then after the baby is born, they will be mondo torpedo melons!!! :)
  • Still sad AAs here :(

    Oscar born October 2011

    Miscarriage at 8 weeks (August 2013)

    DD due September 1, 2014

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  • Ugh I envy you.  I was a DD pre pregnancy and now they won't stop growing.  It's crazy, they are HUGE and Gross!!  You can have mind anyday.  I was hoping i would be lucky enough to not have any growth in that area, i didn't get my wish.  I have a small/medium frame so they just look silly.  After children i'm most defn. having a reduction, i've been planning on it for years. Be careful what you wish for!
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  • I wondered my whole pregnancy with DS when I was going to get big boobs! They grew but not as much as I thought. Then about 3 days after he was born, there they were. All of a sudden I had clevage with no bra!!! They stayed about a cup size bigger than before I had him (mostly because I did not loose all the weight), but so far this pregnancy they have not grown anymore.  
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  • My boobs have never grown during pregnancy or nursing (which explains why I have terrible supply issues). I am resigned to the fact that I will always be an A-cup:(

  • I am just starting to fill out my B cup. They were a little big because I had lost some weight last year and was too lazy to buy new ones. Shame on me.
  • You can have mine.  My perfectly manageable B-cups are now sore & disgusting looking D cups!  I hate them & try to flatten them down!  I guess we all want what we don't have right?
  • Mine never really got bigger with my first (I am a small B).  I noticed they got a little bigger when my milk came in but nothing that anyone else would notice.  Nothing changing so far with this pregnacy...oh well!

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  • You are not alone.  Mine haven't grown, and hopefully won't - they're large enough.  But the pain is unbearable most of the time!!!
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  • Mine are more swollen/plump than usual but not really bigger.. and I'm small too. I wish they could be bigger, but at the same time- they are kind of uncomfortable because I am not used to them being this way. So if they do get huge, I might not like itStick out tongue
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  • Mine took a while this time because I was weaning DS when I got pregnant. My boobs were in their worst shape those first few weeks, I thought they would never get big or full ever again. But the DDs are back in town now.
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