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Question: 3 follicles found today!

This is our first cycle of Clomid. So we went in and had an ultra sound done this morning. I have 3 follicles developing! 1 on the left and 2 on the right. They measure at 7.3 currently though and they need them to be at least at 10. They feel they will be ready by Wednesday cd15- so we go back then. Also my uterine ling is just a tad thinner than it needs to be but they said that would thicken by Wednesday as well and should be fine, if not they will be giving me extra estrogen (Gosh I think estrogen is what they said it was that will help that..) to thicken that wall up so when the implantation occurs the egg can stick in a very thick fluffy wall. Fluffy is probably not the word she used LOL but you get what I mean ;)  

Have any of you women had the same or more follicles with 50mg? Is this a good amount? I never asked them... I imagine so...right? I hope :)

Staying positive and feeling good :)

Positive and supportive responses only please.... thanks :)


Re: Question: 3 follicles found today!

  • This is my 4th round of 50mg of Clomid & they found 3 mature follies today at CD13. I go for my IUI tomorrow.  My first cycle I had 1, then 2 the next 2 cycles.  My Dr. wants them to be 20mm before triggering me.  Good luck!
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  • Thank you, good luck to you as well! This is quite the journey-so so worth it. 

    Wishing you lots of baby dust :) 

  • Woops, my husband just let me know that I got the wrong measurements. My lining was at 7.3 and needed to be at 10 and the 3 follicles were 12 and 13 currently on day cd 13 and thought they would be ready cd15 or cd16.

    This is on Clomid 50mg... from what I'm seeing it looks like 3 is good amount the first round of Clomid... They felt good about it, that was for sure. And one thing I've noticed about the doctor, she is brutally honest. That's good though :)

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