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Peanut Butter Q

DH went to the park with the girls last weekend and I noticed when they got back that there were PB crackers (crumbs) on the seat of the stroller and in their car seats. Neither girl had a reaction but I was told by the pedi not to give PB until 2 y/o.

Since they seemed to have had no reactions, do you think it's ok to give DD's PB again? Or should I just wait until the 2 yr. mark? 

One DD is a super picky eater so I'd be thrilled if she would actually eat something like a PBJ but I'm not sure if I should try it out or not?

Thoughts? Thanks!!

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Re: Peanut Butter Q

  • We have already started with PB.  Our Pedi said 1 year was fine.

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  • Mine also said to wait until 2...but I don't think I will. If they didn't have a reaction, I would give it to them again, but that's just me.  I know texturally, that's another concern.  It's a hard texture for them to get used to.

    My pedi suggested Sun Butter if we wanted to try something.  It's made from sunflower seeds.  I'd never heard of it until she mentioned something.  I might try that around a year and if they can handle the texture try peanut butter out.

    Neither my DH or I (or anyone in our family) have food allergies, so it's not something I'm as alarmed about as others I know.

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  • 1 year according to our pedi.  My 2 yr old eats PB&J for lunch almost every day.  It's all she ever asks for, and I can't wait till the twins can eat it too.  If you are nervous, you can park in the hospital parking lot and feed them.  I haven't done this, but I did consider it!


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  • We always gave peanut butter after 1 year. DH and I don't have any history of peanut allergy so we weren't too worried about it. If either of us had food allergies we would have been more cautious.

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  • i think the new (and recent) recommendation is one year. we already have done it and they are fine. you can always make sure you have some benydril (sp) handy when you try it. but remember it is not always the first time they have it they can have a reaction, it could be the 4th, 5th, time etc. i think my pedi said two but obviously i didnt listen :) you could also try almond butter if you are just looking for a nice, easy lunch. 
  • We were told 1 year.  There's a reason you pay your pedi, but at the same time, they're not the be all end all of food safety.  Personally, I'd give them PB.
  • 2 is the old recommendation.  And there are actually a couple studies showing that kids who are introduced to it earlier are less likely to have a reaction.  As long as my kids aren't allergic kids (i.e. eczema or asthma or other food allergies) I will probably give them peanut butter around 1.
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  • We're following the pedi's recommendation and waiting until 2yo. DD1 has eczema and may have DH's allergies.

    FYI - Allergies do not usually appear the first time a person is exposed to the allergen. It's the second and subsequent exposures to be concerned about. I just don't want you to think that just because they didn't have a reaction, that they're in the clear. There are no hard rules and if you have no family history of peanut allergies and feel comfortable, then go for it!

  • You'll hear different recs about when to start it and as my pediatrician stated, the recs have swung back and forth as various studies have come out so I don't assume that the current "latest" rec is the definitive answer. In our case, we did need to be cautious because of eczema, other food allergies, and family history of the whole lovely atopic triad.

    The one thing I would be careful of is that sometimes a reaction doesn't happen until the second or third time a food is introduced, so the next few times you give it to them I'd just make sure to have Benadryl on hand and watch carefully to make sure there's no reaction. (Will tested positive for a peanut allergy a year ago.)

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  • We started after one year and my pedi didn't give us a recommendation. My SIL was shocked because she had always heard 2.  They LOVE it and DH and I don't have any food allergies so I wasn't too concerned.

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