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Sleeping comfortably while PG....suggestions?

Anyone have any recommendations on how to get more comfortable sleeping at night while PG? I'm only 22 weeks, so I am guessing it's going to get worse from here, and I'm already exhausted because I cannot get comfortable! :)

I have the snoogle, which worked fine with my first pregnancy. But I'm using it this time and doing a ton of tossing any turning. Anyone have any other suggestions (pillows to buy? other things I may not know about?) to help get comfortable at night?

Thanks so much for any ideas!

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Re: Sleeping comfortably while PG....suggestions?

  • I put an extra pillow under the head of my snoogle so that my head is a little more elevated. This makes my shoulder's ache less because there's more room for them, and also make it possible for me to sleep on my back for part of the night because my "top" is elevated so that I'm not flat.

    I also have a little tummy wedge pillow that I tuck under my stomach when I'm on one side or the other.

    But even with all that, I still toss and turn all night. I think it's just par for the course.

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  • What exactly is uncomfortable?  Back?  Hip?  Towards the end of my pg, my back was killing me.  DH had a memory foam mattress pad on his side of the bed.  I tried it pre-pg and it killed my back but did it feel oh so good when I was pg.  I slept on his side of the bed for the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  I'd maybe look into some sort of mattress pad topper (not necessarily memory foam) and see if that helps at all.  


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  • I have no suggestions but wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.  I remember those sleepless, uncomfortable nights.  I think the best night of sleep I got in months was the second night in the hospital after she was born.  We had the nurses take her to the nursery and got 6 hours of comfortable bliss.  
  • the only thing that helps me really (besides what you've tried - the snoogle, pillows between your legs) is benadryl before i go to bed.  i can usually get 3-4 hours of sleep before it wears off and then i toss and turn the rest of the night. 

    another suggestion is to not try and toss & turn with the snoogle.  i was trying that at first and getting super-frustrated to have to bring the pillow with me when i turned to the other side.  now, if i'm laying on my right side, i use the snoogle with the long part all along my belly, but when i switch to my left side, i leave the snoogle where it is (head and between legs still work) and snoogle is against my back.  i have a 2nd (regular) pillow that i can wedge under my belly or just hug for when i'm on that side.  it's made the tossing and turning not quite so dramatic. 

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  • I totally agree with MrsPurdue. The snoogle stays in place at night. Sometimes the long side is to my tummy, sometimes it's to my back. There's no way I would want to wrestle with keeping it to my tummy side as I flip back and forth.
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  • we bought a tempurpedic when i was pg with our first. i rarely had a bad night's sleep! it seriously changed our lives. i feel like i could do commercials for them!

    but, that's a big chunk of $$, so if you can't buy one of those, then get the memory foam thing for your bed. if it's anything like our bed, you will be AMAZED!

    that bed seriously was the best investment we've ever made.

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  • Get the Leachco All Nighter Total Body pillow!  That thing rocks!  I had the Snoogle for the first pregnancy but didn't love it enough to save it (it took up too much room to store).  For this last pregnancy, I got this candy cane shaped one and I can't give it up.  Seriously, I'm three months post-partum and have only been able to give it up for about two days.  Then I got mad at DH for something and the pillow went back into the bed with us.  :)  It's like sleeping in a cloud!  It works for sleeping on your left side, right side, or on your back, and you don't have to move it with you when you flip over.


  • knock on wood, I haven't been terribly uncomfortable sleeping yet (maybe it's due to our tempur-pedic mattress? IDK) but I bookmarked this because I either read on this board or another board that it's helpful.  plus, it doesn't take up as much room as a snoogle, which would be an issue in our queen-sized bed:

    word of advice - if you do get a tempur-pedic topper of some sort, air it out for a few days.  it STINKS.

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