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Intro and child care help question

Hi everyone -- I'm expecting a baby boy on April 8. I live in Midtown, and I work downtown. I've been on the waitlist at a few daycare centers, but I recently got a promotion that will affect my child care needs.

I will now only need care 2x a week -- 7-7 on Thursday and Friday.

Does anyone have any advice for daycare centers that offer part-time care? I'm also interest in a nanny share. I'll need care in July.


Re: Intro and child care help question

  • Hi and welcome!! I live in midtown too and work from home (my DH works in Downtown) so I'm pretty familiar with the area.  I don't know of anyone wanting to do a nanny share, but I'll keep my ears open.  I'm trying to join the midtown parents group so that might be a suggestion for you too if you want to find someone for a nanny share.  I work partime but just mornings from Mon-Thurs which doesn't really help you very much. 

     As far as daycare I didn't find very many around here that would do part time and have been on the waiting list for a long time for most of the ones that would take infants.  I ended up just hiring a nanny and that has worked out really well for me.  The good thing with this area is there are lots of college students looking for part time work.  I did a membership to sittercity and found it helpful in finding my current nanny.  I will say that having a nanny especially in the begining was a great decision for me.  I was a little worried about it at first, but I love having someone that comes to my home and only focuses on my child (especially when he was younger).  Feel free to let me know if you need any other advice.  I'm expecting my 2nd in June, so I have gone through some of these things before.

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  • Thanks for the advice. I joined, and I'm thinking the additional cost of a nanny might be worth the reduced stress of rushing around in the mornings. But as a FTM, it's all a bit overwhelming!
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  • I was suprised that a nanny didn't cost as much as I had expected.  I ended up spending less on the nanny than I did on daycare.  I found that most places that did part time didn't reduce their rates very much.  If it helps just to give you an idea I have a great nanny (only 1 child right now) that I pay $12/hour.  Most of the people I talked to thought that was a reasonable rate.  I ended up using sittercity simply becuase my husband is in the military and they gave us a free membership which was nice.  I will say that I found mom boards and facebook to be just as helpful.  You would be amazed at how many of your friends might know someone whose child is in college and looking for a part time job. 
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