Got your email.  Are you going there tomorrow anyway (the mall I mean)?  If no, maybe just the code would be best.  I don't want you making a special trip for me.

And I think we are going to Bates Nut Farm sometime this weekend if you guys are interested?

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    Yep, I'm going there anyway. I have to buy some stuff for Tristan with the other gymbuck, so it's no problem. I just need her size, 18-24 or 2T?

    I'll ask DH. We were planning to go there last weekend, but never got around to it. He's working on Saturday, so we'd have to go on Sunday.

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    I just had to reply to say I love that this post has 165 views and 1 reply.  You girls sure do have lots of stalkers!
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    EMTEMT member

    I'm thinking 2T?  How do you think their clothes run?  I don't know if she has a single dress from there.

    We could go Sunday.  We hadn't decided which day and have nothing on the schedule.  I'm trying to round up Lucyfox and Luluroo too but I know they have some stuff going on.

    Anyway, if you go anyway, that would be fab if you could get it for us.  I'm good for it ;)

     Brew, yes, this is a little disturbing

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