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NBR: Buying a Honda Pilot

Hi Ladies:

I am going to bite the bullet and buy a new Pilot this week.  I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Ed Voyles Honda, in particular the Sales Department.  Good experience/ bad?  Any tips?

I have to be entirely honest and say that I have never negotiated on a car before.  My mom works for a GM dealer, and I've always driven GMs so I've never had to.  I don't want a GM this time, so this process is new and I hate it already.


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Re: NBR: Buying a Honda Pilot

  • I've been to EV for service (oil change, etc) but never bought anything there.  We got our Pilot at Hennessey in Woodstock.  They were great.  We basically told them what we wanted for our trade in after they told us a lower amount and they agreed with us.  Then we negotiated some on the price.  We got a great deal - and this was 2 years ago.  I bet you can do pretty good. 

    I think if you researched first then you know what invoice, etc is and you know what you are looking to pay.  Kind of just stick with that.  And remember, it doesn't hurt to try for less, right?

  • DH is actually stopping by Ed Voyles this AM to check out a new Civic for me so I'll let you know!  We've used them for service for 7 years and have always been pleased.
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  • My FIL works in sales at Ed Voyles! email me [email protected] and I'll give you his information!
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  • We just got our Pilot the day after christmas and LOVE it!!! It's the best suv with so much room.

     Can't help with EV b/c we used Hennessay Honda of Woodstock. We used them b/c they are part of the Costco Auto Program of dealerships. They gave us an AWESOME price for our pilot.

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  • My husband I just bought a new CR-V from Ed Voyles on Friday. They are great. I would go today end of the month.  We talked them down a lot......They are great.  Talk to Larry!! Tell him the Tate's sent you...
  • We LOVE our Pilot.

    We went to Carry Honda inside the Perimeter.  I got ours for $200 under invoice (which I know is fake).

    Good luck!

  • when we bought our odyssey in september, we did the whole thing online.  husband basically sent out looking for quotes (maybe through edmunds, I can't remember) and then we went with the lowest price, which was also a steal at the time (we got a 2010 model).  we literally walked in, wrote them a check, signed a couple of papers and walked out.  we were there for maybe 15 minutes.  it was effing awesome.  so, maybe try going online versus in person negotiating.  my husband will negotiate ANYTHING, which is seriously such a PITA.  this was the easiest thing we've ever purchased.
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