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Costco question

Does anyone (kep) know what clothing brands are in Costco right now? Thanks!

Re: Costco question

  • Kids clothing? 

    I just went yesterday.  Carters for girls and boys.  Sleepwear, play outfits and dresses.  Hannah Anderson dresses for girls.  I think they had some PJ's that were Kirkland brand.  Swimsuits that were disney.  I can't remember anything else right now. HTH!

  • Yes, sorry, I should have been more specific.  I forget y'all can't read my mind :)

    Girls 3T and Girls 7/8 specifically.  Thanks! 

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  • I went to the one at Perimeter.

    3T's you won't have any problem in the playset and dress area.  7/8...gosh, I can't remember if I saw any there.

  • I went to the Brookhaven one on Saturday - you definitely will see tons of 3T, but not sure about 7/8.  Maybe a few of the Hannah dresses.

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  • Cumberland still had Hanna pjs recently but they were on their way out.
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  • Hey! I was there briefly yesterday, but didn't really look at the clothes. I know there are some Hanna dresses and some other dressier (like Eastery) dresses as well as some Cater's. I bought Isaac some Carter's PJs and Kate a Hanna twirly dress last week or the week before. I am not sure how high the sizes go, though.
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  • Thanks!  I cannot tell you how hard it is to find cute clothes in a 7/8.
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