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s/o watching the tube

I'm at home all day so I have the TV on all day.  I need some background noise or I'll go nuts and sometimes I just want to watch some of my shows.  I don't block DD from seeing the TV... having it on is normal in our house.  She sometimes pays attention to it but she also enjoys playing with her toys.  Does your LO watch any TV? 

Re: s/o watching the tube

  • I did the same thing when it was just Leo. He was like your DD, he mostly just played but sometimes watched the screen.

    He does watch tv now, though it's on a lot less since we canceled cable. Charlie is in the room but doesn't pay any attention.

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  • I think Kate had only seen about 30 minutes total of tv in her whole life before she got sick this week. I was brought low by the sickness and actually bought an episode of Sesame Street for her from iTunes. Apparently she's a fan of Elmo. We don't have a tv in our living room (we dont have cable so we didnt see the point of keeping it) though so it's easy for me to have her not watch it. That's not to say that she has no screen time though. She's addicted to kids' games on the ipad. I try to limit it, but I'm fighting a losing battle with DH over that one.
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  • DD watches Nick Jr every day and I have no problems with it. She's learned a lot of things from watching and she counts along and practices her letters while watching. She doesn't just veg on the couch and watch, she's usually standing and dancing along. I'm okay with her watching TV for a little bit in the evenings and on the weekends because she's not watching it at all during the day while she's a daycare. Now that the weather's nicer, we're spending more time outside playing after work and on the weekends and less time in front of the TV.
  • I had to do the same as you when Will was little - I would go crazy without the background noise! Now he does watch TV, but I limit to an hour a day on most days. Like bobcatsteph's DD, he doesn't just sit there and passively watch it unless he's sick. He talks, points out animals/flowers/tractors/whatever, counts, waves to the characters, etc. I know TV is a hot topic, but I have absolutely no problems with it in moderation.
  • I don't block A from the TV, either, and its always on in my house.  I think as long as we keep a good balance of TV, playtime with us, and as she gets older playtime alone and outside, I'll be ok with it.

  • Oh yeah.  The tv is almost always on in our house.  When she was little, I had on Food Network and HGTV all day.  Now, its Nick Jr. 

    If she were just sitting there zoned out all day, I'd have a problem.  But she plays and will ignore it completely.  Or she sings along and dances, and interacts with the shows.  She doesn't nap anymore, so around 1ish she will lay down and watch a show.  That's about the only rest time she gets.  

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  • I think age is a factor too. From what I understand, the AAP suggests avoiding before age 2, but after that, 30 min. a day or something. I don't have my details perfect, but I've seen some articles from my sister and that mcgee posted.

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  • We did limit it when L was really little.  The tv was on a lot during football season.  We do watch tv at night and that's how DH and I wind down.  L does see the tv then, as after his bath, he likes to sit with me for a little while on the couch before we go upstairs for storytime.  Also, we have been letting him watch Elmo videos on the's the same ones over and over.  He really likes them and "dances" along with them.  He's at daycare all day, so he doesn't watch it then.  Usually if we do turn something on for him, his attention isn't really on the tv...he is usually playing.
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