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Oh CG!

Your loverboy just won an Oscar and all I can think about is, "I really hope CG is watching this right now".

image                            Hello CG, I've been waiting for you...

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Re: Oh CG!

  • I was thinking the same thing!
    image image Brothers! image
  • I'd like to say I was thinking the same thing, but Colin Firth was in a tux. There was no rational thinking involved    Devil
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  • I KNOW! It was fabulous.

    He's so awesome that he can make stomach disturbances seem classy. 



    Unable to even.  


    You don't understand the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch / think he's fug / don't know who he is? WATCH SHERLOCK.  Until you do, your negative opinion of him will not be taken seriously.

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