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what's this on LO's skin?

DS has very small very light brown dotted/splotches on eye brow area and on front area of scalp. It is raised above skin. The best way to describe it... it looks like I didn't wipe peanut butter off of him.

Re: what's this on LO's skin?

  • sounds like cradle cap


  • Hadley still gets a few of these spots on her scalp every now and then. We use a scrubber brush (the one the hospital gave us after she was born) while we wash her hair and that usually helps.
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  • imagemolliedb:

    sounds like cradle cap


    This is my guess, too.  DD had it pretty bad - we had to rub olive oil into her scalp and brush it out.  We still have to brush spots out before washing her hair every once in a while.

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