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Things to do in Dallas?

I have a friend that is heading to Dallas with her husband in March (no kids on the trip) and is looking for ideas of things to do. I'm not at all familiar with Dallas.

They like music, museums, that kinds of thing, but any other suggestions are welcome!


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Re: Things to do in Dallas?

  • I'm from Dallas and there isn't really a lot to see/do.  The Sixth Floor Museum (where Kennedy was shot) is pretty cool.  Other than that - there is a lot of malls!  
  • DH & I went to the Dallas World Aquarium once and had fun.  But he's a sucker for penguins so he always enjoys any opportunity to see some.
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  • i grew up in dallas too. food and shopping is pretty much all we do when we go visit my family. dallas world aquarium is neat. the art museum and nasher sculpture garden are cool. the arboretum should be getting really beautiful soon with warmer weather. 
  • Yeah.. There's lots and lots of shopping! The nrthpark mall is my very favorite place on earth! And bonus, they have art there! I like the stockyards in ft worth. Never went, but the fort worth zoo is supposed to be nice. And yes, the sixth floor museum. I like the sculpture escapes me. But really and truly, the shopping is the best attraction!
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  • We visit up in that area a lot, and our friends who live there say there isn't much besides shopping and eating out.

    We have been to the Fort Worth Zoo, and it was very nice.

    I've also visited the cow sculptures in downtown Dallas. There are a lot of cows, and they make for fun photos. 

    There are some wineries around Grapevine.

    I've heard the big art museum is nice, but I've never been. 

    We went to a Science/Children's museum (I don't remember the exact name), and it was pretty fun. 

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