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toy suggestions for 3yr old boy....

family is asking for suggestions for his upcoming birthday....

what are or were your 3 yr old boys really into??

i am looking for something new and different than what we have...we have LOTS of train things, puzzles/letter play, fire house, car/garage, trucks, easel.... when he heads to the playroom, what new things would really excited him as he goes from 3 to 4!


Re: toy suggestions for 3yr old boy....

  • Does he have a bike or a plasma car for outside, or a t-ball stand, or soccer goal?  My boys love these things!  They also like to push around a big plastic dump truck or their lawnmower. 

    For inside, in addition to the things you mentioned, they also like building sets (Trio, Legos, Lincoln Logs), they love their movies (Cars, Toy Story 1,2, and 3, Finding Nemo, Up, etc).  We have a "Scribble and Write" toy by Leapfrog that DS practices his letters on.  They also love their play grill (they would love a kitchen, too, but we haven't gotten one yet). 

    We have superhero capes with their names on them, they put them on all the time.  For DS's 4th birthday next week he is getting a talking Buzz Lightyear, an Imaginext pirate ship, and an Imaginext aircraft carrier with a bunch of planes (my 2.5 year old is interested in all the same things as well).  I know you said you have a ton of train stuff, and we definitely do too...but it is still their #1 obsession, so we still get them new train stuff as well. 

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  • oh my goodness, our boys sounds just alike!!! mine are going to be 3 and 1 at the end of March and the little one is already skipping past baby toys and right in there with his brother!!

    i think a good soccer goal is a great idea and so are the superhero capes!!

    we have the other stuff- including a nice kitchen....he doesn't spend much time at it- loves it when he does, but it's not his 'go to toy' your boys are just fine without one right his favorite part about it, is the 'cutting food' from M&D and pots to MIX things in- go for the accessories over the kitchen at this point!

    he is super into little einsteins right now, too, but i can't find anything like that!!

    going to check etsy for capes now and then google the scribble and write-

    thanks for the great tips!!! 

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