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Project a day for March

Just thought I'd share a project that we're going to be doing. Every day for the month of March, I'm trying to kickstart my DD's creativity and interest in art projects (she's been a little reluctant lately) by doing a different project every day. Most of them are new activities, but a few we've done before. I'm really trying to build some anticipation for this month including making a fun banner with origami balloons that have each day's activity inside, so she can open it each day. I tried to make the projects as open-ended as possible, use materials in new ways and appeal to her very girly nature (plus lots of rainbows in honor of St. Patrick's Day and what is hopefully our rainy season here in AZ). We'll see how this goes ...

 1. Homemade puffy paint - 1 T self-rising flour, 1 T salt, 4 tsp salt, food coloring. After done painting, microwave for 30 seconds.


2. Hole in the middle art - Cut hole in paper before giving it to child.


3. Newspaper sculpture - Roll sheets of newspaper into tubes. Give to child along with tape.


4. Crayon etching - Cover paper with colorful crayons, then top with black crayon/paint. Etch with paperclip.


5. Sponge chalk prints - Dampen sponges. Draw on them with chalk. Make prints.


6. Salt painting - 2 T liquid starch, 2 T water, 1 T paint (or 2 squirts food coloring), 1/2 cup salt


7. Goop - 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup water combined on cookie sheet


8. Mardi Gras mask


9. Foil sculpture


10. Bubble prints - 1/4 cup dishsoap into container. Add paint until bright. Blow with straw. Capture bubbles on paper.


11. Branch weaving - Weave yarn around branch


12. Plain boxes - Give child a collection of paper-covered boxes to decorate/build.


13. Marshmallow sculpture - Mini marshmallows and toothpicks


14. Rainbow jello


15. Iridescent ice - Fill bowl with ice, add salt, drip on neon food coloring


16. Plant herb container garden


17. Potato prints


18. Dye white flowers


19. Sidewalk chalk


20. Rainbow crayons


21. Dino dig - Store bought kit


22. Umbrellas - Rubber cement resist on watercolor paper


23. How to draw a caterpillar - Vertical lines, connected on top and bottom


24. Cornstarch dough or soda cornstarch dough - MaryAnn Kohl's recipe


25. Dough day 2 - Paint creations


26. Collage from things child cut out or found


27. Fingerpaint using offset spatulas


28. Do-a-Dot stampers


29. Rainbow pancakes


30. Bring sketchpad to zoo


31. Easter wreath 

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Re: Project a day for March

  • What an awesome list!  I saw the homemade puffy paint on someone's blog last week and I bought the self-rising flour yesterday.  I can't wait to try it, it looked so cool.  Be sure to post all your awesome stuff here when you're done!
  • SFL

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  • Thank you so much for posting this!!!


  • awesome list! Thanks!
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  • You are amazing!  Great list!
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  • Awesome list!  Thanks!  
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