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Zyrtec or Claratin D? Which is better?

Yay spring! Boo pollen! Which allergy med works better for you?
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Re: Zyrtec or Claratin D? Which is better?

  • Zyrtec (actually, the Publix store brand) is the ONLY thing that has worked for me.  I've tried them all.  Each works briefly, but eventually my allergies get really bad and they don't work anymore.  Zyrtec's the ONLY one that hasn't done that.
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  • Claritin D.  Only OTC that has worked for me.  Zyrtec knocks me out.  My mom swears by Zyrtec though and can't believe that I don't like it.
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  • Yeah, I think it 100% depends on the person unfortunately.  Just keep trying them until you figure out which works best for you.
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  • I've had better luck with Zyrtec than Claratin D.
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  • Zyrtec.

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  • I agree with most that Zyrtec is way better than Claratin. At least for me.
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  • I take Zyrtec, but the Costco version, everyday.  I take it at night before I go to bed. It has been my lifesaver.
  • I've had better luck taking Flonase than any of the allergy meds; I can't do Zyrtec though. Makes me feel loopy and Claritin doesn't seem to do anything for me anymore.
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