What should a 3 year know/be doing?

I'm talking more about life skills I guess. Should he be able to pick up his toys with little or no help?  That kind of stuff. 



Re: What should a 3 year know/be doing?

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    Well, mine CAN pick up his toys. At this point, though, it's a question of WILL he pick up his toys.  Usually, he has to pick something up before he plays with something else, but we still have something of a toy mess going on - mostly because we don't have enough storage.

    Um, he can mostly get dressed by himself.  He gets all undressed.  He even picks out his clothes sometimes.

    He can get stuff out of the fridge or the pantry.

    I'm wondering - when should they be off sippys entirely?  He very well can drink from a regular cup, but still does a sippy of milk in the morning and evening and sometimes juice/water on the go.

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    I don't know what they should be doing but I'll just give you an idea of where we are. I have no idea if this is normal/average or what?

    She cleans up most things in her playroom (and puts them in the right place) when asked. She puts away her bath toys before she gets out now w/out me asking...although that has taken quite a bit of practice.

    She can open the fridge/pantry to get snacks (although we have locks on the fridge due to an incident w/ the butter)

    She can put on and take off clothes unless they have buttons at the neck. Can put on some shoes but has trouble w/ socks.

    Is day/night potty trained but still needs assistance wiping and properly washing hands.

    Also, I let her "help" me put away her clothes and she enjoys hanging clothes in her closet (I put them on the hanger).

    She drinks from a regular cup at meals but has a sippy for the car and playroom.

    Oh and we have just started having her excuse herself from the table and take her dishes to the sink, or throw away her paper plate . But, we have to of course ask her to do these things at each meal.

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    Like the others: not sure what they should be doing, but here are some of the things he can do:

    Get dressed and undressed with little assistance.  He can also put on his shoes (velcro).

    DS helps set the table and unload the dishwasher.

    Feeds the cat each morning.

    Get things for us when asked (diaper for DD, throw something away for us, get something out of fridge, etc.).

    Day potty trained (not anywhere near being night trained).  Still needs help wiping.  Can wash hands by himself.  Brushes his teeth and soaps up in the tub on his own.

    Pick up toys/crayons/blocks/etc., often with lots of prompting.

    Says please, thank you, your welcome and bless you pretty much on his own.

    Say alphabet and recoginizes letters and numbers.  Can count to 30. Knows all colors and loves to sing!

    Debbie - Mommy to Clayton William 5-3-05, Laurian Lynn 3-6-08
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    DD will get undressed herself and can usually get herself dressed depending on what she is wearing.

    She can get things out of the fridge or pantry if need be. Daddy is super happy that she can now get him a beer when asked so he doesn't need to get up. She also can throw his empty's away. She also gets anything really that we ask her too so long as it's within her reach or it's not too heavy.

    She is day and night time potty trained and has been for about a year. She is now able to wipe herself and flush the toilet herself. She does have her moments when she wants me to do it for her.

    She knows her ABC's and can almost count to 20. She knows most colors and she also loves to sing and dance.

    She is a polite little girl. She does say please, thank you, God bless you and when she ask for something she always begins with "Can I please...?" She also always tells me she loves me without me having to say it first (I love this one).

     She loves to help me clean, cook and do laundry. She does pretty good most times while helping me.

    She brushes her teeth with little assitance although I do go over what she does for a minute or so.

     Can't think of anything else...

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    - She can dress and undress herself almost entirely

    - she gets things fromt he fridge/freezer and pantry

    - she does pick up after herself and knows where things go

    - she knows her phone number, address and our full names

    - ?She uses cups at meals but I still have her use a sippy in the car and when we are playing outside

    - she cleans off the table and helps set the table for meals

    - she knows her alphabet and her numbers to 20

    - She can write her name?

    - she can put a dvd in the player and start it ( not a great one I know)

    - She really helps me out with her 4 month old brother

    - is day and night potty trained?

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