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Aw: Allie's bday present!

Well, she's being spoiled this year.  Lol.  We got her the Loving Family Dollhouse.  DH decided last year, he wants to get Allie a pair of nice Nike's every year for her bday.  So she's getting Nike's.  And I got her this charm bracelet today.  I plan to add a charm to it every year or so.


I ordered it from It's all sterling silver. I got a 7" bracelet, but she made it 5.5" so she can wear it now... and she's sending me the other 1.5" to add as I please. I think it's sweet. And am excited to get it! 

Her birthstone, an A for Allie, butterfly and flower (bc she loves them) and an angel for my mom (who passed away 4 years ago and loved angels)...

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Re: Aw: Allie's bday present!

  • I live the charm idea, that's a great gift she will love for yeArs and a sweet keepsake
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  • i love the charm bracelet!  that is such a sweet gift!
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