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TTC after 35


What's going on? I go in to change it to one of my photos and when I click set as avatar it just picks one of the bump's avatars.  Any ideas?
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Re: Avatars

  • Seriously. Irritated.

     I've reset mine like 4 times now because it is really getting me down to see all the pregnant people... (not that I don't want to be one, just right now it's a constant reminder of my inadequacy).

    DD 10/9/02
    DS1 3/7/05
    DS2 12/7/11

    Trying my hand at cloth diapering and breastfeeding :)


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  • I know - right! What's with giving pregnant avatars to the infertiles. Grrrr!
    Single Mother by Choice. Life didn't work out the way I planned so I did it on my own. IUI #s 1-3, unmedicated = BFN, IUI #s 4-6, 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel = BFN IVF #1: 23R, 20M, 17F. 5 day transfer 2 blasts. 2 Snowbabies BFP 6dp5dt, Beta #1 7dp5dt = 58, Beta #2 9dp5dt = 114, Beta #3 10dp5dt = 187 1st Ultrasound = 5/3, not much to see yet. 2nd Ultrasound = 5/17, TWINS!!! Hospital Bed Rest at 32 weeks due to pre-ecclampsia and severe edema. Audrey Grace, 5lbs9oz, & Lydia Louise, 6lbs, born via emergency c-section on 12/6/12 at 36w1d My IVF Journey
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