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Viva paper towels for liners?

Anyone used these for liners? If so, do they seem to work well? Feedback please!

I am a first time Mom, planning to cloth diaper, starting from the newborn stage! Any advise welcome!

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Re: Viva paper towels for liners?

  • I haven't used them for liners, but I have used them in the kitchen, so I can tell you that they're soft and seem to be about the right size. My "real" disposable diaper liners don't feel anything like them, though. Besides that I have nothing useful :)

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  • Technically you want a liner to be flushable, since you're supposed to flush any BM down the toilet (yes, even if you use disposables).  I wouldn't want to flush paper towels, I'd be worried that they would clog my pipes.

    Also, I'm not really familiar with Viva paper towels specifically, but I'd be worried that they might disintegrate once they got wet, especially if they got really sopping.  My kid likes to kick his legs a lot while he's being changed, and I could see that shredding a wet paper towel.  I'd hate to be stuck picking pee-soaked bits of soggy paper out of his diapers.

    Why do you feel the need to use liners?  One of the great advantages of cloth in the newborn stage is that you can just throw it in the laundry.  If you're worried about diaper cream or vaseline, especially if you're circumcising, you can either use disposables for a little bit or buy some flushable liners to use until you're done with the vaseline (that's what we did).

    Also, you should check out the FAQs.  They're listed at the top of the main board page, and should answer a lot of questions.

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  • Well it kind of counteracts some of the eco-friendly aspect of CDing. Personally, I don't use flushable liners. I found them to be a huge PITA, just one extra step and not worth it unless you know when your kid is going to poop. I didn't like how the flushable liners bunched up and were all soggy against her and I imagine that paper towels would be worse in that respect. IMO, if you're going to use liners, you should get actual flushable liners but even then don't stock up until you know how you like them.

    ETA: Don't bother with liners until you start solids. Newborn poop (EBF or EFF) is water soluable. Also, very liquidy and liners won't stop much of it. They're really only useful when you start solids.

  • I have tried several kinds of liners and the only ones I'll use are the Kushies.  They don't get stuck to her bottom, they fit perfect in the BGs that we use, they are flushable and biodegradable, and they hold in the newborn poo so not as much goes through and onto the diaper itself.

    Although I do agree with PP who said you don't really need them when they're newborns.  When we've run out of liners, there have been no staining problems, etc.  I probably wouldn't use them if it weren't for DH.  He insists, and anything to get him on board with the CDing is fine with me.

    With the Papertowels, I would be worried about the chemicals from bleaching the paper affecting her little booty too.  Who knows what they put in those things?

    PS: If you have a septic system, you aren't even supposed to flush the flushable liners...

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