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Question about car insurance in IL..

What happens when you get into an accident without insurance in IL? and the other person was at fault.? The person wrecked into me and totaled my car out and my insurance just expired. Do they still pay for the damage to my car?

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  • If they're at fault, they're responsible to pay for your car.  However, typically your insurance would pay for your car and then your insurance would go after their insurance for reimbursement.  Since you don't have insurance, you'll be responsible for making sure that they pay - might involve needing a lawyer, etc.  

    Also, you'll get a ticket for not having insurance.   

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  • Has the other person (and their insurance) admitted fault?
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  • I am an insurance agent in the chicago area.  Hopefully they are deemed 100% at fault so your car is fixed.  If they are not, and it goes 50/50 you will be responsible for your car and they will be for theirs.  Obvioulsy, without insurance this scenario would mean you are out of pocket (not good).  As another person commented, the option to have your insurance company pay and then go after them is not an option since your policy expired.  I would see if you are still in your grace period for cancellation and either way get it paid asap.  It's never a good idea to drive around without insurance. 
  • Check what the state DMV says about IL car insurance laws. Your driving without insurance shouldn?t free the at fault driver from having to pay out your claim. You will be fined for driving uninsured though.
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