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That is strange (FB related)

I was looking through BIL's trucking photos and noticed that he's friends with B. I've known B for a while, turough several of his girlfriends before he got one of them pregnant. B used to always hit on me (before I was even engaged). I only find this odd because my BIL is like my husband- raised in Poland, a good Catholic boy, ect. B, however, is in a band (yeah... a band. I guess you can never be too old for one). Did I mention B smokes tons of pot and drinks? I don't dictate lives, but I wonder why B would add him, if they've met, etc. It's just weird because I didn't grow up with any of my IL's wnd B lived two hours away at least from them. DH thinks maybe it could have been a random add, but why would they add each other?

Re: That is strange (FB related)

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