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Wiping their own butt.

When can they do this?

I tried to teach DS, (using wipes) and he got poo on his hands.

Should I try again?

When can they do this effectively?

Re: Wiping their own butt.

  • I am wondering about this too.  My guys are 4 and haven't mastered this yet.

    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

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  • Depends on the child and their poop.  I continued wiping both of my kids for the "big job" for several months after they were PT. My son probably needed fewer extra months of help, but my DD was trained for poop at a much younger age than my DS, when she was still pretty little.  For both, I gradually switched to having them wipe first, and me coming in to give a final wipe and check.  We talked about how much paper to use and how to keep going until the tp comes up clean. 
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  • DD1 is getting better about it, but I still don't trust her to clean up 100% after a poop and not make a mess of her hands. 

    She turned 3 last month. I figure as long as she figures it out by the time she starts preschool in the fall, we'll be okay. ;)  


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  • My DD's have been doing it since PT- daycare wouldn't do it for them...so they had to learn.  That being said....they're not always the cleanest when they get home!!  DD#2 (3.5 yo) actually does a better job....but I think its just her poop( sorry TMI)....hers is a nice clean shot.

    My almost 5 year old doesn't have a very good stomach so clean up is harder for her.  We are really working on it now though...I told her at 5 years old we stopped wiping for her.  She's getting there! 

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  • imageneverblushed:
    Depends on the child and their poop.

    I would also ditto this response (as usual Never!) but I would add that it depends on the child and their BUTT.

    DS #1 has a flat skinny tushy.  It's easy to get the job done well.

    DS #2 has the biggest bubble but you've ever seen.  I can't even get that thing cleaned out well unless he's bent over AND froggy legged.

    I don't think DS #2 will be successfully wiping HIS #2 for quite a while yet but DS #1 did well around age 4.  He could have done it younger but I honestly didn't even think to have him do it for himself until someone posted about it on this board and I thought "Wait... he can do it himself now?!?!?!"

    Love this board.  Keeps me on my toes! 

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  • Every time DD does it, she ends up with a skid mark.  We do have her use wet wipes for #2.  Not sure when she'll do a better job!
  • I have no words of advice (DS1 refuses to be potty trained) but I can't help but picture the movie "Big Daddy":  "But I wipe my own Asz!"
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  • I still do it for her at home most of the time, she is 2 months from 3 years old and has been PT since she was about 2 yrs 2 weeks. I have tried teaching her the "front to back" but she does front to back to front. At pre-school I think they do it on their own, so she isn't always the cleanest when she gets home.

    I probably will let the reigns go when she turns 3 and see how it goes. Not quite ready yet.

  • DD1 has been PTed for a year now, but I still finish wiping for her to make sure she's clean. I always have her try first, though. She needs to be able to wipe herself for school next year, so we have a few more months to work on it. (Currently, because of her late birthday, she's in a 2s preschool class which still allows diapers so it hasn't been an issue yet. Plus she tends to wait until she's home to poop anyway.)
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  • lol  We're teaching this now. The preschool that DD is attending in the fall requires "independent pottying".

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  • My 4 1/2 year old (5 in June) has been able to do this for a long time.  She sometimes still asks me to help but whenever she does it herself, she does a great job.  I know at school, she has to do it by herself.  I woudl say that sometime in the last year - so around 3 1/2 or so, she started not having issues with it.  She potty trained at aroundf 2 years 9 months.,
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  • DD was 3.5- 4 when she could do this on her own.  Our daycare doesn't do it after some point and DS1 is reaching that point.  He is asking to do it on his own.  I bought him flushable wipes to help (which is what I did for DD also).  I wiped his own today and I went in afterward and there was a smear on his rear : ) I had to go over what he did...

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  • griffin turns 4 next month and has tried- but doesn't really even wipe the right spot -he wipes his cheeks more...  i'm not really worried about it- i figure he'll do it when he needs to do it. 

    I need to ask at daycare if there is any age they stop doing it - like, the class he is in now he had to be PT'd to move up to (and was)... i'm not sure if the next age up is a wiping class, lol.

    as long as he's doign it by the time whatever school he is in needs it - that's what i care about. 

  • DS (just turned four) is getting better and better at it.  I still check when he's done and help if he needs it.  Flushable wipes made all the difference with him!! 
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  • Madelyn's been wiping her own bottom for a long time. We used to check it after she had done it herself but she was doing a good job of it so we stopped checking. She's been doing it by herself since before she turned 3.
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