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Why am I the only one who thinks the Oprah guest yesterday is a dumbass? Why do people just rush into taking clomid without at least doing a little research?

Bacon - this is the person your friend was talking about yesterday. She lost twins due to pre-term labor, and then took clomid and got sextuplets. WTF? If I had an issue with pre-term labor, I sure as hell would be doing everything I could to keep from having more than one in there.


  • I think it hit pretty close to home for my friend because she mc twins with her first ivf.

     I'm with you though. I have little sympathy for people in that position given the amount of monitoring and technology available to help avoid those situations. 

  • The thing I just don't get is - WHY do so many doctors prescribe clomid w/out doing any monitoring? Are they just not taught about this in medical school?
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