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Saw your response on the FF post below. Not sure if you are aware but you can use formula checks on alimentum. I did it at Target when Kate was on it. Also, amazon is by far the cheapest place to buy Alimentum.

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    They won't send samples of the Alimentum out but any of the regular checks can be used. Amazon is usually cheaper without checks but, if the powder goes on sale in the store (or the RTF - that's what Kate used) and you have checks, you can get a pretty good deal. You can use one check per container purchased I believe.

    Also, I know you mentioned that you were worried about the cost of elemental if Donovan had more problems once he was EFF. Just an FYI - all of the manufacturers have assistance programs as they realize the cost. I'm not sure how it works in detail as we pay outright for all of Kate's formula but I've heard it is an income to debt analysis to evaluate your monthly bills. I believe the companies will then determine how much they think you should/can afford to pay a month. I'm sure there is more to it but that's what I've gathered from the FB group and moms I know using assistance programs. So, it can all work out monetarily - or at least the blow can be softened a bit.
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