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We have a water baby!

The kids are off school all week, Family Day (a sort of stat), and then Teacher's Convention. I may need somebody to find my marbles for me by the end of the week!

DH stayed home with a cranky K and I took the others to the pool for a swim. It looks like S is yet another water baby! The kids had fun watching her splash and jump and giggle for an hour and a half. They had the pool temp turned way up, good for the little guys, not great for me! When they blew the whistle that public swim was up, both E and T were begging to stay.

Hopefully they are all worn out enought to not get up at 6am tomorrow!

Re: We have a water baby!

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    Good job Seren! Looks like she is going to be on a swim team.
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    That's so awesome. I want to get M in a pool soon and see how she likes it, maybe another month or two.

    BTW - All of your kid's names are so great! I just had to mention that in case I hadn't before. 

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    How wonderful!!  Ellie asks to go swimming on an almost daily basis, she keeps opening the drawer where her swimsuits are and asking to put one on so she can go swimming. I keep telling her it isn't summer yet but I know I ought to find an indoor pool somewhere so I can take her.  I'd also love to take Noah and see how he likes it. 

    Seren is soooo adorable, I love that smile in your siggy pic!! 

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    Thanks guys! I would be shocked if she didn't join a swim team, it kinda runs in the family. Even at home I can't keep them out of the bath tub. I would die if we didn't live near an indoor pool. We have an outdoor pool near us that I run the swim team from, but seeing as there's snow, it would be a bit chilly. Better swimming than hockey, none of them are interested in the slightest.

    Sunny, Brigid and Morgan would fit in my house, it's a sea of blonde! Morgan and Seren could totally hang, October babies! Noah can come too Scooby, another October cutie! Hey, did you notice Ellie and my Eirian are birthday buddies? Too bad that we're all at opposite ends, I'd love to have a gtg in the pool with everyone.

    ::runs to check lottery ticket::

    If you get the chance, take them to the pool. That pool was absolutely packed, but fun. I enjoyed relaxing and splashing for a change and watching all the other little ones having fun.

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