McCain's Health "Plan"

This has me scared- I now nobody wants more political talk, but you guys are who I talk to so I need someone to talk me down about this!

 As I see it, his aim is for people to get their own independant policies and is giving a tax credit, etc.

I hear that this will make companies less likely to offer group plans or make them less affordable, or whatever..



 We were rejected from all 5 that I applied for when we were shopping around, since my husband's group plan is not that awesome and it is still pretty expensive...

 The only coverage I can get for my family is through a group, b/c they don't descriminate against preexisting conditions.


Will McCain do anything about that? I am HARDLY alone. I don't want to get Indigent coverage, since that was what was reccommended to me after all of the rejections- I am not poor, I can AFFORD coverage- I just can't make them cover me!

I think this could be a huge disaster for the people who REALLY need healthcare insurance- PLEASE tell me there is something I am not seeing- I think this guy could win, and then what? I'm totally screwed?

 Will McCain's plan also make the insurance companies be less discriminating, since group plans will be harder to come by because of him?

what about our aging parents?

I'm getting nervous!!


Re: McCain's Health "Plan"

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    What's wrong with group health plans?! i love my insurance!!! I couldn't get anything this good on my own. Granted, I'd like to be able to work anywhere I want and not worry about health ins, but... then it'd be higher monthly pmts and bad coverage!
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    Under McCain's plan, there will be a lot of people screwed out of good health insurance.  Millions more will require Medicaid - which costs the taxpayers more money to provide yet doesn't offer very good benefits. 

    We're already behind the rest of the industrialized world in regards to our health care coverage for our citizens - this will only make it worse. 

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    What's wrong with group health plans?

    Nothing.  But McCain wants to get rid of them.

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    well- what I am hearing is that he wants to give the 5000 dollar credit to people to go toward their own choice of personal plans- instead of relying on company group plans ( which I LOVE, for the most part..)

    In a way- it is good in that if your company's plan doesn't cover inferttility or something, you can shop for something that DOES cover it- but I hardly think that that woul dmake up for the people who would lose their plans altogether b/c their company stops carrying one!!

    Why not just a 5000 medical credit to go toward copays and things not covered? that might be better...I just don't see how this would meet the needs of the majority- or solve the problem...

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    I really NEED to hear the Positive spin on this...Where are the McCain supporters?!?!

    My daughter and I are only covered because my husband's company has a group plan...If McCain takes it away, I am going to be mad...and probably broke!

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    I wouldn't get too nervous about anyone's Health Care plan right now. Even if McCain wins, he can't just declare new healthcare legislation. It's got to be vetted and passed by Congress. Any plan McCain has now is going to be quite different if and when it is ever enacted.
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    I can guarantee that if you have a good group plan through your employer, it's worth more than $5000.  That medical credit isn't going to go very far if you're trying to purchase individual coverage - it's certainly not going to compare to what you had through your group policy.


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    thanks for the reality check Elise!! I am seriously paranoid- It was just such a scary time when I was getting rejection letter after rejection letter...

    I do realize that things don't just go into action b/c of who jumps into office- but bush had those stupid tax credits in mind, and they went through pretty quickly the first time...


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    I'm not sold on either candidates plan. But like the pp said - whatever the candidates say now will most likely change once they are in office - esp. McCain. He will be going up against a dem. congress and to get his plan passed, there will need to be some big compromises.

    Here's an article that I've kept on file from last spring that breaks down McCain's plan. Not sure if you will find it helpful, but thought I would share.

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    I'm with Elise.  Anything that the candidates say right now is just basically talking out of their ass.  Their plan isn't what will happen.  It is their idea.  It has to go through a bunch of steps and changes and then pass to even start to be a plan that is in effect.  Best example, Daddy W "read my lips" quote.  His idea was not to raise taxes, but the government had a different plan. kwim?
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    I was told by a individual insurance plan that they would cover me but not my kidneys.  Really??

    Maternity is almost never covered by individual insurance. 

    I would think some of this will have to change!

    I think tax credits will = more uninsured.  American's typically are not impressed with HSA and tax credits. 

    His plan sucks.  The only good thing is tearing down the state limitation will = more competion = lower prices

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    thanks, ladies! ( Cam, that article is REALLY informative- thanks!)

    Shopgirl- I agree that it is bad- obviously! That was what I thought too- when I was applying for those individual plans!! NONE of them covered ANY prenatal care at ALL...

    In the end- My husband's plan turned out to be much more affordable, and better than we thought-though compared to what I had with MY job ( which I quit) it is garbage!

    We have really high deductibles and still pay 444 dollars a month, but most routine stuff is covered- almost no diagnostic tests or preventive things are, though- until we pay a deductible..

     I really hope this all pans out.

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    Coming from someone who is pregnant on an HSA plan this year:

     That $5000 won't even cover half my out of pocket expenses for our delivery.  And I have a company plan.  Infertility and maternity coverage is going to break the bank under his plan...thank God we both have well paying jobs and can afford to absorb more of the cost of having children.  If anyone on this board thinks they can pay the "true" cost that hospitals charge for childbirth, then they are truly wealthy and should step out of the shadows.

    Also, I would be most people haven't looked into individual insurance plans.  Shop around, THEN see what you think about McCain's plan. 

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    I don't think the tax credit is going to allow more uninsured people to purchase individual plans since individual plans are more expensive than group plans and we're spending close to the proposed $5,000 on less than 50% of our coverage (DH's school pays 100% of his coverage and 50% for me and any children).  If it weren't for their subsidy our plan would be about $12,000 a year and that's with fairly limited coverage ($300,000 per person for the entire life of the plan) since it's a student plan on based on the assumption that it's covering us for a relatively short time and we're young and hopefully healthy.  I can't imagine what a longer-term plan that would cover potential catastrophic illnesses would cost.  Also, if it's a $5,000 tax credit, what if you don't pay a total of $5,000 a year.... do you owe no income taxes and lose the difference?  Or does the government pay you the difference between what you would owe and the 5k? 
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    McCain is aware of the preexisting condition issue and is (and has been) fighting to help that, regardless of his health care plan. Also, if you have group coverage now, you should be able to get your own. That is regardless of his health care plan. Once you have health insurance you're generally good to go there. It's just a problem when you have lapses in health care - nobody wants to pick up somebody with pre-exsiting conditions and no current insurance. His plan stands to lower health care cost a ton. Competition and personal responsibility are huge. My friends work in health care underwriting and they say that the responsibilty people have with HSAs and high deductible plans is huge. Suddenly you are aware of costs and don't sign up for $1000 unnecessary things. I have high deductible and was charged $1300 for a yeast infection swab. Basically, my doctor told me they ran a super expensive one because "nobody usually minds since insurance pays for it".


    From johnmccain's website:

    MYTH: Some Claim That Under John McCain's Plan, Those With Pre-Existing Conditions Would Be Denied Insurance.

    FACT: John McCain Supported The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act In 1996 That Took The Important Step Of Providing Some Protection Against Exclusion Of Pre-Existing Conditions.

    FACT: Nothing In John McCain's Plan Changes The Fact That If You Are Employed And Insured You Will Build Protection Against The Cost Of Any Pre-Existing Condition.

    FACT: As President, John McCain Would Work With Governors To Find The Solutions Necessary To Ensure Those With Pre-Existing Conditions Are Able To Easily Access Care.

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    penguin - yup you would get the difference, is my understanding. this is part of what is good about it and the competition and the health care costs lowering. people will be more inclined to shop around and find a good plan because of the financial incentive.


    you can also choose what goes in a plan. most employers don't include infertility ins because it's very expensive. if you want that, you can pay extra rather than just not having the option at all. also if you want to have a higher deductible, less prescription coverage, whatever in exchange for that, you could tailor an insurance plan for yourself. it's all personal choices now. i can say "i'm healthy and don't take any prescriptions, i'm willing to have a higher copay on them to save some $$", etc, instead of being married to wahtever vanilla plan your employer chooses.

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    I agree that having an HSA plan (with a very high deductable) makes you think more before you decide what to go forward with.  I called to find out how much the first trimester screening would be (NT scan plus bloodtest) because I would be paying for it with HSA $$ because I hadn't hit my deductable yet.

     However, I'm healthy.  And I can afford my care.  The yeast swab above is one thing.  Can I request a spinal block with generic drugs during my C?  Or a cheaper incision?  Do you think they would give me fewer stiches if I asked?  Hmm...I can't wait to make all these decisions in addition to the ones I'm already making.  Makes perfect sense.  Good luck Josie Six Pack!

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    KJLRS- that just isn't true about the pre-existing conditions not being an issue if you HAVE coverage while you're applying- I have NEVER had a lapse in coverage sinceI started working full time 12 years ago-and I was denied by 5 different companies. I was fully insured with the best coverage I have ever had in my life when I was shopping around before quitting my job.

    So, yeah- I wouldn't count on that being the case.


    but - the q and a thing was interesting...

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but McCain's plan actually calls for only $2500 per PERSON in tax credits--the $5,000 he keeps talking about is per married couple, but he keeps saying it's for "every American."
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